Monday, June 25, 2012

Thundering Herd

Its very hard to believe such cute little puppies will one, outgrow this car seat to the point where only one will fit and will need to wear a seat belt; and two, can be a source of almost instantaneous chaos, mayhem and unmitigated destruction. But it's true.  These are two very talented beasts who most assuredly will endear their size and personalities to all who make their acquaintance.  Pipsqueak "The ornery" is the fawn colored gal who towers over her brother, Buddha.  But it is Buddha will command superior size and girth. They will eat, they will crap, and somewhere along the way they will be great entertainment and comfort for all.
Meanwhile Big Dawg wraps-up his Baseball Season with the Twins.  They actually had a reasonable good season winning the vast majority of games.  Regretfully they ended the season with a three game skid that, coincidentally the three season-ending tournament games.  Since Big Dawg has opted out of soccer, we now have to wait until FALL BALL!
(Below) Chalupa "The Maggot" and her friend Feaner (spelled Finer) decided this over-night would be under the stars.  The dogs were unaware of the girls in the back yard and were slightly confused as they woke to find this strange mass of humanity sleeping peacefully under the morning sun. Of course the confusion led to barking which woke the neighborhood and (I'm sure) further endeared us to those who require sleep like vampires.  Still, props to the gals for their pioneering ways.  Next time, the dogs will sleep with them, and that will solve that problem

And last but not least, we want to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Alexa Larson (right) on their recent marriage.  Happy is as happy does.  We hope you enjoy many, many chapters of fun and adventure in your exciting lives together.  Cheers.

And so it goes....

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Attended the Association of Business and Industry (ABI) Conference where I met some amazing people, and completed the Leadership Iowa program with a very talented and special group of colleagues. After almost a year together, I will miss them tremendously.

Summer is in full swing in IC. Sleep-overs, play dates and general laziness abound. Today was one of those days with me.  I do love my immediate family, but would like to include my extended family in that mix...(You know who you are).

The week ahead should be fairly quiet. Ellie goes to orientation at KU, and I get to enjoy a prostate screening (and all the appropriate prep - joy of joys). Shout out to some b-day people - Crazy Pete, Ellie, JoAnn, Nancy, Brad et al.

From the cheap seats... Ron Paul is a welcome disruptive opponent. Think people! Think!  And my only other comment is witnessing some troublesome leadership in this State, I'd enjoy the challenge of being Govenor without influence-peddling of the parties.  It seems our political parties sometimes get inthe way of progess.

And so it goes...  


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Week in Review

Last week was a blur.  On Sunday I drove down to Missouri for the funeral of Marge Messick.  She was a terrific spouse, loving mother, doting grandmother and caring Great Grandmother.  She was traditional country music fan, and loved her St. Louis Cardinals.  I met her through her daughter Carole and Carole's sons Tim and Tony (pictured here).  Marge will be missed.
I detoured my return trip through Des Moines.  Sufficient time has passed since Monty was stolen from the shop.  So I let our friends as Jett & Monkey's know that we are in the market for another puppy.  Sure enough, Monday morning before I left Moberly, I got the call about two puppies.   When I drove up to DSM, I couldn't split up the siblings (see Sophies Choice) so I brought them both home.  So I introduce to you, Buddha (left) and Pipsqueak.  They are nine-week old rescue Mastiff puppies.  The will grow to be 130 - 160 lbs.  YIKES!

On Monday I returned home with the puppies and West High Women's Soccer advanced to the Quarter Finals in the State Soccer Tournament.

Tuesday and Wednesday were quiet days.  Laura and three delinquents took off Thursday for Chicago to help prepare for the funeral and interment of her mother who passed last years.  I headed west to Des Moines for a West Des Moine Leadership Academy event.  Maggie stayed behind to play her Quarter Finals Soccer Game against Cedar Rapids Kennedy.  (They lost - Congratulations on a good season WH Girls).

Friday, Maggie and I headed over to Chicago area for the funeral and burial.  Then back to Iowa City Friday night.  Saturday, I hustled out early to run the Grinnell Games 1/2 Marathon in a respectable sub 2:00 time. Then back over to DSM with the family for a wedding.   Then back home.   Sunday morning, Ike and I were up at the crack of dawn to drive to Waterloo for a soccer match in which they won 11- 2.   Then back home.   Whew, I'm tired of driving.

This week, after today (Tuesday) I'll be in DSM all week.  The puppies continue to grow.  Kids continue to stay active and our lives continue to spin recklessly out of control.  And so it goes....