Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Well, tomorrow the delinquents return to school. Three teen aged girls at West High, and the Big Dawg slides into Third Grade. Wow!
As the time passes along, what would have been my parent's 50th wedding anniversary has passed. Not sure what to think about that except a bit sad. Certainly it has given pause for thought and an opportunity to imagine what our 50th will be like. Yikes! We're creeping up on #23 in the next few weeks... hard to believe.

The Exec Students started this week, second years. The first year program was postponed until December which is on one hand unfortunate, but on the other the delay gives our department an opportunity to adjust to a new Director. It's all good.

Woofables is growing fast. Perhaps too fast. We're burning midnight oil to stay ahead of the curve, but I'm afraid in a few more weeks that may not cut it. Thanks to some elbow grease from Crazy Pete, we were able to build and install a drying closet which will speed up "curing" the biscuits for distribution and sale. And we are busy adding staff to our list of bakers.

We now have resellers in Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennessee, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, California and Oregon. I might have missed a few States.

Oh, and back to students... the population of Iowa City will double between last week and this weekend as the students return to campus. I begin teaching this fall and Sidetrack will take the semester off. Next spring she may return to the classroom, while I'll simply wait to see if they ask me back.

On all other fronts... I hear great things from family and friends. A special shout out to Tim Johnston who is off to Washington to teach at GW University and wait for his next novel to get published. Also the Hydes and Thomas's... good friends all who recently reminded me about the important things in life.

Now, I need to find a bookkeeper for the shop, and someone to mow our lawn at home because my schedule is consumed until Mid December. And so it goes...