Monday, July 25, 2011

In a Pinch

It's not too often that another driver will send me into "road rage", but in this case, it was all I could do not to cause physical harm (flatten tires). The blue van is ours, and when I returned to it after work, the red pick up was up to my bumper leaving me no room to get out. Also notice that this person parked next to a fire hydrant, and only a few feet from a stop sign.

So what does a reasonable person do?

I took several deep breaths, calmed down, then called the police. When the officer arrived, he seemed very understanding. And once we extracted my car (he was my witness and guide), he promised to "ticket the hell out of this guy." A little victory for the "little guy" out there. But I still think I should have flattened his tires. And so it goes...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Red, White and Blue

Here we see Tim Johnston (Award winning Author of "Irish Girl", and "Never So Green") with BD and BD just prior to the fireworks display that would end the Iowa City Jazz Fest. Here is a picture of the main stage for Jazz Fest. The other side of the Old Capitol looks down on the Iowa River "valley", and it was from there the fireworks were launched. It was quite spectacular, and the closest Big Dawg has been to a firework display.

So far, Chalupa has attended camp, and Beaner has ventured to San Francisco and back (Leadership Program). Later this week, Big Dawg heads off to Wapsi Y camp for a few days, then in a few weeks, Beaner and Peanut will head to Pittsburgh for a Youth Group project. Meanwhile Laura and I try to hold down the fort and keep the lights on. It's bene a busy and chaotic summer to be sure.

The biscuit business continues to grow and we've since picked up clients in Michigan, Oregon and the Mall of America! The next step is to to get Mamacita (formerly known as Sidetrack) on the payroll and get a jump on baking inventory for the holidays.... and so it goes....

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Editor's Apology

As most of you can imagine, summer has fallen upon us like a swarm of locusts. So updates to this blog are long overdue and delayed. You have my apologies. A more formal post will be forthcoming with updates on Camps, Soccer, Woofables, Work and ... life. Until then, hope you are all having a great summer and thanks for stopping by. And so it goes....