Thursday, October 31, 2013

Back at It

Well, all the distance running and some bad genes have combined again to trash my back. One of my discs (L2-L3) has disintegrated to little more than crumbs. Of course muscles, nerves and skeletal infrastructure are battling for world dominance while the rest of my aging body struggles to perform simple tasks like getting out of bed, putting on socks, getting in and out of cars, walking up and down steps, sitting, and standing.

Bone on bone. With the help of aggressive physical therapy, I will be able to resume all activities. Until then, progress will be slow.  Pain is relative.

Speaking of back.... In all likelihood Smelly will transfer from KU to the University of Iowa - an upgrade. She's baAack!

Three years after spinal fusion, Maggot completed her first marathon. She carried two titanium rods, several pins, and near perfect posture just over 26 miles on Chicago roads!   In true Maggot fashion, I think she finished 4th in her Under 16 age group.

I guess there's no looking back.  Happy Halloween, and so it goes...