Monday, April 30, 2007

junk drawer

There is so much crap in our family junk drawer, I don't know where to begin: shoe polish, Pliers, duct tape (of course), smoke detector, hot wheel cars, string, rubber tubing, micro screw drivers, electric griddle control, sun glasses, paper clips, finishing nails, dog line hook, party baloons, plastic tie-downs, toy voice box, screw driver, Listerine strips, thread, flea drops and other stuff. This drawer could entertain a kid (or adult male) for hours.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Get in Gear

On Saturday, the Taylor tribe went to the cities to "DO" Get in Gear running activities --2k, 5k and 10k runs. All the courses ran along the west bank of the Mississippi River [What's up with the dude going the wrong way?]
Peanut shows off her medal from running in her first 2K (approximately 1.25 miles) in 12 minutes. On her left (your right) is Side Track who ran a 5K (3.1 miles) with the Chalupa (not pictured) in 30 minutes. And on the far right is Beaner with Baby Jaguire in her pocket. Beaner watched Big Dawg while the running events took place.
Last, but certainly not least is our Cousin/Niece Elika B. who convinced us to participate in this silliness. She and Buzz Daddy ran (and walked) the 10K (6.2 mile) event. This was her first attempt at this distance, and while we finished in a humbling 1:20, she now has a goal to shoot for in next year's event.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Twilight Ball

[Big Dawg, Quinn, Alana, and Peanut]
A little neighborhood game of twilight driveway baseball to wrap up a long week at work. Batter UP!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Price of Victory

Last weekend, Buzz Daddy participated in an ultra distance running event. When he crossed the finish line he was whisked off to attend to family matters in "The Cities" so he didn't really find out the results of his efforts. It turns out he finished his 50 Kilometer race (31 miles) in 4:40:14 for a 21st place finish and winner in his age bracket (ancient). And the only casualty for his efforts, is the pending loss of his left toe nail. Next up, Ice Age 50 Miler.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bike Day for Big Dawg

Aaannnddd there off! Big Dawg's day care celebrates bike day in full regalia! Whoo Hooo!

One Year Later

[pre-race assembly at the start line]
It was a year ago at this very same event, Trail Mix 50K (31.1 miles), that injury forced Buzz Daddy's premature departure from the race and thwarted an otherwise agressive ultra-marathon season. This year was different. After four hours and fourty minutes of trudging over hills (lot's of hills) and dale, BD finished 21st out of more than 125 runners.

"After two aborted ultra efforts last year, it's good to get that ultra monkey off my back."

Summer's Almost Here...

... and the world is our playground. (From left: Beaner, Peanut, Chalupa, and Big Dawg)

Friday, April 20, 2007

It Could be Worse


Somehow Tootsie doesn't seem quite so big anymore. Can you imagine?

Breath Catching Sight

So after yesterday's scores were all posted: The Red Sox, Twins and Brewers all led their respective divisions in the baseball standings. (gasp)

How long can this possibly last? (gasp, gasp!).

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Great Gatsby?


From our far-flung correspondent in Menomonee Falls:

This is "Daisy" (not "Duke" or "Bucky"). One of our former neighbors has finally broken down. By observation, this is not a Jack Russell which leads me to believe serious negotiations took place (Chris?). Anyway, it's a baby Cocapoo born on Good Friday (an auspicious date) and will reside with a loving family of four.

The geese are on notice - there's a new guard dog in the "hood"!

More on Daisy as our stringer keeps us posted. Good news and good luck!

Don't Let The Photo Fool You

This was three days ago. Chalupa and teammates take to the field for thier first soccer practice of the year. Today's forecasts calls for 6- 10" of snow. Practice will most asurredly be canceled this evening.

Easter Antics

Gumpa makes a face while Big Dawg and Tootsie indulge his Easter humor. Meanwhile, its hard to say if Peanut is appauled or amazed at her Uncle Brinz (Side Track's Bro), and this is considered good table manners for him!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A GREAT Day for Baseball

Two days ago was a GREAT day for baseball with Disuke’s convincing debut leading to a Boston win which is always good. But just when I thought things couldn't be better, the Yankees lost.

To celebrate this occasion, the Taylor’s started a “Red Sox Win! Yankees lose baseball Fund”. Every time this delightful phenomena happens during the season, we’ll kick in a few bills. At the end of the summer, we’ll determine how this money will be used. There are hopes and visions of a small accumulated fortune!

Silly, yes. But just another fun way for our family to enjoy America's greatest summer pastime.

Peanut and Two Critters

Lounging on the chair is Peanut and Truman (the cat). Tootsie wouldn't fit so she's relegated to sit on the floor.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Captain Underpants for Breakfast

Side Track reads to Big Dawg and Chalupa before everyone ships off to daycare, school and work (respectively).

And while Buzz Daddy reads the daily tripe about how our Government continues to bungle the war in Iraq, healthcare, desaster recovery, the judicial appointments/firings, etc.... the kids are learning about how Captain Underpants saves the world from the terroristic Green Booger Snott Monster.

Over hearing this, and looking at the newsprint before me makes me wonder if Captain Underpants might do a better job running our Government than the current administration?

Another Girl!?!

Peanut (right) and her friend Lexi began a weekend vigil in our basement. It seems on any given weekend we have extra kids over and one of ours is gone. It seems we are running a bit of a hostel for a cadre of friends and neighbors. As long as the ratio does not go beyond 10/2, Big Dawg and I will persevere.