Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Same Time Next Year

Every Year the Pediatric Department at the University of Iowa has a end-of-the-year reception for the Residents (PL1 - PL-3). During this reception, annual awards are presented. The residents vote on the James C. Taylor Outstanding Teaching Faculty Award, named for my father.

This year E (right) a.k.a. Mouse dragged my youngest sister J (left) a.k.a. Yo-Yo up from the Carolina's. Our schedules have been such that his was the first time in eight years the three of us have gotten together. It's also the first time Yo-Yo met her youngest nephew, Big Dawg.

It was all very fun and great to see my siblings. It's been too long since we've been together and one can only hope the time between our next visit won't be quite so vast.

And so it goes...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lots of Birthdays this month. Beaner (above) turned 17 on the 9th, and JA Mandy (baking below with HRB and Owen) held steady at 29 on the 6th. As a result of these and Chalulpa's end-of-May birthday, we've had our fill of annual celebrations. Of course we could give a nod to Birthday boy Crazy Pete (7th), but that might diminish the quality of this digital "Rag".
It's been all hands on deck at Woofables these days. We've had reasonably good online traffic that continues to increase as each month passes, but it's the wholesale accounts that seem to keep the oven full and biscuits baking. Meanwhile we're developing a certificate to recognize those select individuals who have successfully baked a batch of dog treats. They will be certifiable (ahem) as BONE-afide apprentice dog biscuit bakers! It's all fun to be sure.
Speaking of FUN, our dear family friend, CRaZy Pete, completed his 20th Pig Man Triathlon (finished 3rd in his ancient group), and was so recognized as the ONLY person to have competed in all 20 events. Salute. His Goddaughter, Peanut and el Pero, Max (pictured above) smile with joy at this news.

On the work front, BD makes many trips to DM, and is a finalist for the Directorship of the EMBA Program (vacated by the retirement of his boss). The University (State) hiring process is bureaucratic to be sure, but in the end... they'll get what they believe to be the best person for the job. Fingers are crossed. Meanwhile, Sidetrack consults and bakes, and keeps a vigilant watch on all things domestic. Both Buzz Daddy and Sidetrack have the summer off from teaching which is a welcome reprieve from those obligations.

Next up, summer camps and the arrival of Mouse from NC. And so it goes...