Friday, March 30, 2007

Beaner Does "Guys and Dolls"

Not quite as elaborate has her old man's High School performance... it was still equally enjoyable to watch the Beaner and her Junior High peers perform a "light" version of the Broadway Classic, Guys and Dolls.

Now that's treading the floor boards!

BD and BD

Bid Dawg and Buzz Daddy sporting Hawkeye Football wear with hope and optimism the 2008 season will bring greater success for the men on the grid iron and the Alford-free cagers! Go Hawks!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Looks Like an Early Swing

Cahlupa launches Big Dawg in the swing out over the "cavine" (that's what BD calls it). It's quite a stomach dropping launch.

But alas this 70 degree weather is just a tease. Beaner and Buzz Daddy have a bet with Side Track that we will recieve at least one more inch of accumulated snow before Summer really arrives. With $six$ dollars on the line, Beaner and I are already plotting our trip to the Ice Cream Shop (Cold Stone is only a half a mile away!).

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Every vote counts, right?

I was just thinking about a few of these things and thought I'd list them out for you to draw your own conclusions. Please feel free to share your thoughts if you are so inclined (click on the comment link at the bottom of this posting).

1) To war under fabricated pretexts (no ties to Al Quida, no weapons of mass destruction)
2) At war without a long-term exit strategy
3) Tortured POWs... covered up then exposed... no "Leaders" held accountable.
4) POWs held without representation or ability to see evidence against them
5) Secret CIA holding cells throughout the world ... quietly silenced investigations
6) War contracts to politically aligned businesses (can you say Halaburton?)
7) The covert outing of a CIA operative, the cover-up, and conviction. What next? A pardon?
8) Adjusted Science for Government reports on global warming and women's health
9) FEMA and the heck-of-a job they've done or NOT (result from a political appointment)
10) "FBI admits abuse of the Patriot Act" ... where is the accountability?
11) Attorney General knowingly allows the political firing of eight superior court judges

Political appointments; scandalous activities; cover-ups; denials; no accountability and a frighteningly skewed balance of power. I'm afraid this list could go on. [sigh]

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday and Sunny

70 Degrees and partly sunny was a recepe for running around outside all day long... except for when we were in church. So after a day of running around, a few kids settled into the living room to catch up on some reading.

I guess now we see how well Big Dawg keeps up with his sisters, huh? Out for the count.

In other news, Chalupa has had her team meeting for summer Soccer, and Beaner has had her team meeting for summer Softball. Tonight, it's Peanut's turn for her team meeting for soccer.

These are all traveling teams with tournaments on weekends for the first 2/3 of the summer. Not sure how we will manage to be in three places at once, but somehow, we'll survive... we hope. I wonder when I'll have time to mow the lawn?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Basketball Round-up

The Chalupa's BB team got together for a year end celebration. It was quite fun with a lot of swimming, too much pizza, and a good deal of well deserved back slapping. The Chalupa (far right) is joined by her team and friends and Big Dawg (4th from left) in a group dive!

These kids out-scored their opponents 730 - 360. Of the 26 fourth grade teams they played, they only lost three games! In two of those games, the combined loss was only by three points! They were amazing and as a team they brought home a lot of hardware.

The Coaches did not leave this season empty-handed. In addition to the signed basketballs and gift certificates to the local sports dive, they too got Coach's Hardware as seen in this picture.

All in all it was a terrific season and most certainly, the beginnings of enduring friendships were forged.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Chalupa, Beaner and Big Dawg take in a little "Sponge Bob" to start their weekend.

"Ooooohhhh, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?..."

Friday, March 16, 2007


If you look closely, you will see a beautiful jig saw puzzle that suffered the fate of most 1000 piece puzzles that are assembled in a house with four kids (one of them four years old), two adults, two dogs, one cat and fish.

Ugh! I wonder if I can send away for the missing piece?

Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring Training

The Beaner takes to the batting cage in "pepperation" for the up-coming try-outs with the summer traveling team, The Monkeydoo Peppers. And while she may not always look like she knows what she is doing with that bat, one of her school Geography teachers (sometime-softball- batting-coach) can tell you different.
It was only last weekend when the coach was in the cage showing Beaner some batting techniques. One strategic foul tip later, the coach was on the sidelines with a fat, bloody lip, and Beaner was still swinging away.
Not too many kids can claim giving a teacher a fat lip. And as an old baseball coach for Crazy Pete would say... "it's your own fault if you get hit by a ball." So following that logic, Beaner can say the coach had it coming.
Ahhh yes, Spring is almost here.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Kings of the Feeder

This is a never ending battle. A person tries to feed the birds and ends up with a herd? pack? quarry? gaggle? family and relatives? school?

Hell, it's an entire population of varmints. What this picture doesn't show is the eighth squirrel overhead. Also missing from this picture are the three red and one black variety that frequent this feeding ground.

(sigh) What is a guy to do? Hmmmm? I wonder what squirrel stew tastes like?

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Thursday, March 01, 2007

A milestone for Taylor Tabloid!

HEY! I just realized this silly piece of Blog just reached the 1000 visitor milestone (actually 1004 last time I checked).

Thanks for stopping by and checking in.

For the next 1000 visits, I'd like to encourage you to send your comments (use the comment link below each entry). Comments are good and who knows... it may spin into something for "publication". We always want to hear from you and your editorials. We'll keep your comments veiled (if not completely annonymous - neener nitch and mouse included!).

Thanks for visiting, sharing with others and sending your input. Foriegn correspondents with pictures are always welcome editions. 1004 and counting...

A lot of Snow

Dismissed from work and now... a man and the mountain V2.