Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monkey Has Corrected me

For fear that some of you may set your clocks back this weekend because you read it hear first (below this post - too lazy to make the link), it is the FIRST weekend in November. Not this weekend. Thank you Monkey Man for that critical correction.

I must wait one more week for an hour of sleep.

Hey... a quick shout out to my friend Carole T. Thanks for the really bad jokes! I have several friends who will never let me tell them a joke again. LOVE IT!!!

Comings and Goings

Just back from Vancouver where I attended an Exec MBA conference where colleagues share best practices and ideas to keep our education relative and "industry" sustainable. It was thought-provoking.

Unfortunately time and weather did not permit much (any) sight seeing beyond a 5 mile jog one evening. I jogged 'til I got lost, then turned around and jogged to find my way back. Wet and cold, but not near as windy as what blew across our nation's mid-section. My return was delayed by about two hours, but I did arrive home.

Chaos at home was well in hand. But tomorrow (Friday) a.m., Sidetrack takes of for a long weekend with her sisters in NY (Poughkeepsie). It should be a long overdue get-together of just the gals. Meanwhile back on the home front we'll have soccer, pumpkin carving, MSU tailgate, dog-biscuit baking (of course), and trick-or-treating. The fun never stops.

Lookin' forward to setting our clocks back this weekend. One more hour of sleep sounds delightful!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

As the Fog Begins to Clear

ByFriday, all financial and property dealings will be "perfected", and life as the Taylor's know it, will assume a regular cadence of "new normal". Here is a summary of the past six weeks in bullet form:
  • Almost sold a house in Mankato (after 30 months)
  • Began refinancing our house in IC to secure a stronger financial position (and help pay for the sale of our house up north)
  • Made arrangements for a new roof on the house in Mankato
  • Finally sold the house in Mankato ... new roof now part of the offer
  • Ran a Marathon (Fox Cities)
  • Had a child (Chalupa) undergo spinal fusion surgery, spent 6 days in the hosptial.
  • Ran another marathon (Twin Cities)
  • Purchased a small business, Woofables
  • Had a daughter get her Driver's License
  • Closed the financing on the IC Home
  • Maintained day jobs
  • Maintained our teaching schedules
  • Maintained cross country (running and coaching), tennis, soccer and piano schedules
  • And last but not least... think we lost our sanity!
Whew. I am certain the next six weeks won't be so crazy, and you'll be pleased to know we've requested a dose of sanity for Christmas. Make no mistake, 2010 has been one of the most adventurous years of our "modern" lives. Good thing we wear seat belts!

Monday, October 11, 2010

October in Full Swing

Sidetrack attended a Doggie Trinket show in Chicago this past weekend. She will place her orders today and we'll effectively own more trinkets for sale this holiday season. She and I are focusing Woofables efforts on hand made, quality products that match our core business philosphy and efforts (top quality dog biscuits). If you would have asked me at any point up until July, if I'd ever own a dog biscuit "interest"... I would have laughed. An axiom to the old saying might be ... he (or she) who laughs last... cries most.

Sidetrack is taking the lead on this, and her hands are full between the store, her consulting and teaching. Somehow she muddles through. But between the two of us... it's a flurry of activity... all the time. We're not sure what we would do if the pace ever slowed down. We'll enjoy it while we can. There are plenty of people who'd love the opportunity, and believe me, we are thankful on a daily basis for the chaos we enjoy (most of the time).

Chalupa returns to school full time. The scar on her back is every bit as impressive as it is scary. Just in time for Halloween.

Peanut is thriving at recreational soccer, but she is hinting at making a return to competitive soccer. She has a head of confidence, but may not quite be ready for the rough and tumble of competition. This aspect of ISC (Iowa Soccer Club) has not changed since she left.

Beaner is driving! This is good news for the other two taxi drivers. Now we have to figure out where all the gas went, and wonder why the gages are now mysteriously on empty everytime we get into the car. She needs a job, and I think Woofables can help!

Big Dawg is full throddle, full time. The life of a busy 2nd grader never stops. His crashes at the end of the day are as famous as his launches in the mornings. He too is playing a lot of soccer these days and reading a ton of books. His social life has finally turned the corner. Next summer should be very interesting for him.

Work for me has picked up to a more steady pace. Recruitement for the Des Moines Exec. MBA class to begin in January is reaching a fevered pitch. Some anticipated institutional sponsorships have fallen through, so I'm working diligently to fill the gaps. With faith and some elbow grease... we'll get it done. Teaching continues to be a professional highlight - Business Communications and Protocol is a required core class for Iowa business students. I teach writing, speaking, business protocol and business leadership/ethics. It's probably too much for one class, but that's what the curriculum requirements are. It makes for a very busy class.
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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fall 2010

The fall colors are upon us. Lots going on in our little corner of the world. First, it's safe to say Chalupa is on the mend. She returns to school tomorrow just as she is getting stir crazy at home. Many, many, MANY thanks to every one for all of their warm wished and for stopping by. The hard work is over for the parents and your support has made it much easier. Now, the hard work is in front of Chalupa and we know she'll tackle it with gusto.

Onto our next adventure. On Friday, October 8... Sidetrack (majority) and I will become small business owners. We're purchasing a gourmet dog biscuit company, Woofables. The previous owners did a marvelous job setting things up, but relocation of spouses has forced them to sell. I am busy working to develop a new website and an online ordering mechanism. Sidetrack is getting a handle on the overall business and operations. It'll be steady has she goes for the next few weeks, but by early November, we hope to be poised for a busy holiday season.

Cross country running season is drawing to a close for West High (Peanut). It's been a building year for Peanut who has been battling a series of stress-related injuries. She's toughing it out and hopes to return full-strength next year.

Big Dawg is still playing soccer like a fiend and fully enjoys playing "up" with 9 year olds.

Sidetrack swims 2 - 3 times a week, and Buzz just wrapped up his running season with a solid finish in the Twin Cities Marathon (3:44). So now we regroup as fall sets in and the season takes on a new sense of normal.