Monday, March 31, 2008

IN Like A Lion ...

... OUT like a lion. March 30, 2008: the winter that will NOT end!!! Ugh!One Hour Later....

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ten Fewer Miles To Carolina

Buzz's last "long" run before next weekend's 100 mile run in the Carolina's. Chalupa and Big Dawg rode along for 10 miles of good company. Chalupa grabbed these three shots along the way. Deer were lowing in the lay (can deer low?). Big Dawg only rode off the edge of the trail twice, and he picked locations that were no more than 10 feet of drop off (thanks BD). Buzz clicked along at a 9 min/mi pace and spent his time figuring out how he could manage something a bit slower for 90 more miles.

A Deligate's Vote Cast

Buzz attended this weekend's County Democratic, Farm and Labor (DFL) Convention as a delegate for his district. Officials were elected, delegate votes were cast and speaches were given. Here we see our Congressman, Tim Waltz addressing the convention. It's not a perfect system, but it works better than most.

"It was pretty cool to take part in the delegate process and I felt like I had a chance to make a difference." -- BD on being a delegate at this year's County Convention.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

More Snow!

Here are Big Dawg, Peanut and Chalupa enjoying a jungle gym in the snow. Keep in mind this is the day after easter and there were at least five inches of white stuff on the ground. They say we are going to get 4-6 more inches tonight. It's wet and heavy and will melt in a few days. This will be one of those Marches that comes in like and lion and leaves like a lion. Ugh!

St. Paul Landmark

After our visit to the Children's Museum (see below), we stopped in Mickey's for a few Shakes and a Rootbeer Float. Ahhhh. Sooooo Goooood. If you look closely from left you can see Chalupa, Big Dawg, Side Track, and Peanut.


We had fun at the Children's Museum in St. Paul. Perhaps too much fun!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Missed Bus

Beaner sometimes stuggles getting out of bed. Of course this causes plenty of "hurry ups!" and "You're gonna miss the bus!"

To which we often get "DAD! I'm NOT. STOP YELLING AT ME!" etc...

In this instance, Beaner was too humiliated to return inside the house after missing this morning's bus. So here she sits on the front stoop; stewing.

Ugh! Teenagers!

Monday, March 17, 2008

One Week at a Time

So the house has been shown a few times in a few short days. While our expectations are minimal, we can't help but be hopeful to get rid of this mortgage albatross. But then again, what if does sell? Where are we going to move?

There are a few rumblings locally, as well as some in Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area. We've not heard much from the Minneapolis area and have just begun to til the soil in the Milwaukee area. Of course, we could simply win the lottery and be done with all this silliness. Then the questions would be where we choose to purchase our vacation homes?

Wet snow for the next few days, then Spring will hopfully spring forth with 40's and 50's arriving by next week.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Is Einstein In the Building?

Chalupa dispays her science project for judging. What the photo doesn't really tell you is the story about the "volunteers" she used to measure heart beats after certain levels of excercise. All activities were done in one minute, two minute and five minute intervals after which the heart rate of the subject was taken. The walking portion was easy. The jogging portion was not too bad, except that my five minute jog just so happened to take place during the first downpour of 2008... I was soaked to the bone.
And let me ask you, yee faithful followers of this silly blog, when was the last time YOU tried doing jumping jacks and jumping rope for five straight minutes? Huh? Well let me tell you, running the Five Points Marathon a few weeks ago was easier and I was less sore afterwards.
Oh the things we do for our kids. Good luck with the judges Chalupa!

One More Time

Ugh. The housing market is in the tank... we'd like to think it's bottomed out and the rebound will begin today, right? We had one showing less than 24 hours after listing so there is hope. And now we wait.... .

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Picture Looking at Pictures

Side Track and the delinquents (from left: Big Dawg, Beaner, Chalupa, Peanut) get this picture as they look pictures. A cozy group while temps outside were still miserably in the single digits. When will spring arrive?

Basketball Round Up

Continuing our own perverted version of March Madness, Chalup fractured her thumb on Wednesday evening at basketball practice. I think you can tell by the picture which thumb was swelling with pain.

She still managed to play on Saturday in the tournament, during which she sprained her right wrist. Here you see the team getting a half-time chalk talk from the Coach.
They lost the first game, then proceeded to win the rest taking the consolation bracket championship (for what that was worth).

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March is the Cruelest Month

Yes indeed , this March will go down as particularly cruel. Specifically,the Lion which welcomed March was swinging a devilish corporate axe. As a direct result the Lion's "roar", Side Track became a unique and the only sacrificial lame to suffer the mighty, swift and merciless blow. She now finds herself, unemployed.

The shock is beginning to recede. Reality begins to set in. As each day proceeds we regain more of our composure, appetites and ability to sleep. We continue to seek threads of silver to line these horrific storm clouds, and refuse to yield to the deleterious temptations of bitterness and ire.

In these times of tumult and uncertainty we are reminded of the many good fortunes we DO have; blessings, if you may, that "The Man" can't take away. Us Taylor's are a proud lot. We hold our heads high, and at the end of the day we face our mirrors with pride and the well-grounded sense of integrity we strive to live by.

It is my deep conviction the ill-will unreasonably and, perhaps, maliciously forced upon us speaks loudly and clearly about its origin, both individual and institutional. Those individuals who took part in this charade must live with themselves and for that they have our pity. And to the institution that enables this sort of "leadership", this travesty is a symptom of a far greater problem than shrinking profits.

Meanwhile these Taylor's are optimistic about our future and look forward to starting a new chapter in our continuing and adventurous lives, hopefully out of reach of pithy egos and poor business decisions.

April is just around the corner and we can't wait!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Kid's B-day Pty

Peanut finally had her "kids party" for her 12th birthday. [from left, Melissa, Big Dawg, Peanut, Lexi, Jess, Edith, and Megan. Not the eggs in Peanut and Lexi's hands (see post below)
And of course... more cake.

Before, During, After

Two birthdays, two eggs, one head.
Double buster.
Yoke's on Buzz.

Ft. Lauderdale Art

Side Track and I were attending seperate conferences in Fla. When my gig was over in Miami, I was able to hook up with her in Ft. Lauderdale. We toured some shops and ate some fresh sea food. Here are some Art Shop shots.

Last Vestages of Miami

This picture was taken moments before the Blackout that caused havok in downtown Miami on February 26th. You wouldn't know it by the looks of this picture.