Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An older picture from the Shed Aquarium in Chicago. It looks like the Big Dawg is contemplating greater things in life than just sea turtles... but then again, maybe that's wishful thinking on my part.

I realize today that I have a full set of toes and (more accurately) toe nails for the first time in 8 months. This may not sound like a big deal to many people, but let me tell ya... It's unnerving enough to have toenails fall off, but to watch the decrepit remains grow back ever so slowly is gruesome. Thankfully they are back and I'm whole again... until then next insanely long run in the woods.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A boy and his dog

This was the scene in our back yard earlier today. The hounds next door (from left, Nellie and Duffy) called Tootsie and Max out to play. It's difficult to imaging this patch of ground was covered in 18 inches of snow only two weeks ago. The thing I like about this picture is the fact that the dogs are all facing different directions. Although Max and Nellie seem to have sights set on something going on out front.
Speaking of dogs... here is a boy and a dog. Big Dawg and our Big Dog are hanging out on the couch. Big Dawg is ingrossed in some sort of I-Touch game, sigh. Not sure if that's better or worst than TV.

This past week marked Peanut's 15th birthday! They sure grow up fast, huh? Last night, she and her posse went to Olive Garden for dinner. To our relief, they were not kicked out.

Chalupa spent the week in and out of school and bed fighting persistent but not terminal flu-like symptoms. Of course she wants to go out Sat night with friends, and Sidetrack says those dreaded 6 words a dad never wants to hear, "I don't know, ask your father." UGH! So I have to play the heavy and say no. Who ever said I was a nice guy... better talk to my youngest daughter who would vehemently disagree right now.

Other than that... its business as usual in this neck of Iowa. Next weekend, I'll be off to NYC for the Bar Mitzvah of Robert D., son of my dear childhood friend, The Dorf. Should be fun, but there will be plenty of work when I return. Speaking of work, the annual Exec MBA International Seminar is coming up... back to Brazil (Sao Paulo and Rio). A busy time indeed. Oh for the dog days of summer. And that is the news for the week ending 11-19-11.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Coming Soon ... Spring?

Spring must be around the corner. Today the temps surged above 40 degrees. Some of the snow appears to be melting. Now we we'll put up with the brown, crusty dregs of winter until about Easter. After that we're home free until next October.

The store was swamped today because of the second article (in as many months) to appear in the Iowa City Press Citizen. This one talked about Valentine's treats for dogs. Sidetrack had a couple of pics, and our treats looked spectacular.

All of the extra business prevented Sidetrack from getting to her "LIST" (the dreaded list). So in an effort to buy back that time, I'll go to the soccer banquet tonight while she gets caught back up on everything she didn't do earlier today. This will be my third year in a row... she has dodged this bullet for the last time!!! So Big Dawg, Chalupa and I are dining on hotel fare, and will take in all things juvenile soccer. Not all bad, but it does get loooOOOoong.

My mid term exam is 90% written. Testing services will help grade this bad boy (42 students) which is a good thing. I'm still on the hook for the essay portion, but that may not be too bad.

Now I've got to focus on two pending trips. First to NYC for at the end of the month, then a trek to Brazil. The next 90 days will be almost as nutty as last fall between recruiting students, international travel, adjustments at work, teaching and growing the business. Thankfully no property will change hands, but there are many operational moving parts (work, teaching, Woofables, kids) that will sweep us along like a strong tidal current. Ahoy!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Strange Week Indeed

As we dig out from this week's Blizzard, some people are shoveling more than walks and driveways. Snow-loads on roofs are a concern, especially for folks who have flat roofs. Not only is the weight something to worry about, but eventually, the snow will melt and the water will need to go somewhere. By shoveling the roof, this guy is easing those physical pressures, but I suspect he is relieving some psychological stress as well.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl, and our family seems to generally support the Green Bay Packers. If we have a hold out, it's Beaner. She's spent more time in Pittsburgh than anyone in our family, so she has a soft spot in her heart for that place. But the rest of us hang our hats on our residency in Wisconsin for 5 years. And my particular loyalties stem back to the days of Vince Lombardi, Bart Star and John Brockington (yes, I'm THAT old).

Before the game, Big Dawg has two soccer matches, then I'll attend to customers at Woofables. We host a weekly dog walk at 2:00 which involves a social hour afterwards. This give the pets a chance to snack on a free treat, and the owners a chance to catch up on a weeks worth of "news".
The agenda for this upcoming week is a full slate of Orthodontist appointments, classes for Buzz and Sidetrack, and another trip to Des Moines. The season is in full swing and we are all focused on one day at a time. And so it goes....

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Morning After

This picture (above) does not do the blizzard much justice. This morning, when I opened our garage door, there was a wall of snow almost three feet tall. The largest drift in our driveway was almost 6 feet. It was crazy.

As you can see, the green car has snow almost reaching the top. The Mercedes was encased in a drift. These cars sat outside of my boss's condo. He has some temporary restrictions (due to a recent surgery) that prevent him from shoveling or snow blowing, so I picked him up and drove him into work. When we arrived on campus, we discovered that the place was all but shut down. The ground crews still hadn't shoveled the walks. There is a butt-load of snow to be removed... to be sure.
Kids were off from school, and the University (above) canceled classes - a rarity in it's own right. Now that the wind has calmed down, today might be a perfect snow day.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


This is the scene outside my window at work. Those familiar with the Iowa City Campus, I'm looking due East. The taller building on the left is Kate Daum Residence Hall. Straight ahead is the Lamda Chi Alph Fraternity House. And the brink structure on the right is "Old Brick".

The snow and wind are turbulant, and the heavy stuff is not due for several more hours. Kids got out of school at 1:00, and the University canceled classes for this evening and early tomorrow morning (a rarity). Tonight, we'll hunker down and play cards. We'll ride out the storm... and it promises to be a doosie.
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