Sunday, January 29, 2012

How'd Did This Happen?

While in Des Moines this weekend, I stopped by Jett & Monkey (a Woofable's customer).  One of the owners (Jennifer) is a "Fluffy Butts" rescue pet representative.  She currently has nine small dogs seeking adoption.  The second I saw this one... it had to happen.  I talked myself out of him.... for about a minute or so, and the next thing I knew, I was swearing like a sailor as I was signing the paper.

And so we welcome Vermont (Monty) Carlo Taylor to the Family.  He's a two month old Beagle, Pug, Chihuahua mix (Chipugle?).

And if that chaos is not enough... Pork Chop, our Blue Parakeet, now has cage-mate:  Apple Sauce, a yellow Parakeet.  A full house indeed.

And last but not least... a quick shout-out to my sister (Emily) and Nephew (Bone Head).  I lost a bet with Emily and she requested Kettle Corn and Dog Treats.  So, we sent her a small kettle, a can of corn, dog biscuits and a bag of Pupcorn.  She text me to acknowledge the Kettle, and Corn (hardee har har), and inform me that she and Bone Head were eating the treats.

And so I asked if treats included the kettle, corn, biscuits or Pupcorn.  As it turns out, it was the Pupcorn.  I then explained that Pupcorn is normal popcorn drizzled with Chocolate and Peanut Butter carob (sounds good, right?), AND a healthy dose (1/4 cup) of liver powder!   Yep, proof positive that Woofable's Gourmet Dog Treats are not just enjoyed by dogs, but the owners will eat them (enjoy them?) as well.

My sister now claims she "Hates Me".  To think, it took me 50 years to pull off an accidental prank that was better than anything I ever planned.  By the way, they are both fine.  My nephew may be cautious about anything I send, and my sister is a bit less anemic (someday she'll thank me for that).

That's the news for now.  And so it goes.....

Monday, January 16, 2012

As Things Go

Well, another nutty week has passed, and things will begin to settle into a more regular routine. Four EMBA programs have launched, students have returned - classes begin tomorrow, and a certain amount of predictibility (if there is such a thing) will be the order of the day.

This past week we hit a deer (the day after we installed a new radiator, ugh).  The furnace is acting sketchy, and sometimes doesn't work.  The toilet has been leaking, and the garage door is also acting sketchy. Mamacita dropped her phone into her ice water (don't ask). It never really stops does it?

In more exciting news,  Ellie has been accepted into the University of Kansas.  She's leaning in this direction, and we'll be leaning on financial aid - Gulp!

No travel this week.  So it should be a good week for getting caught up, and taking a few runs.

And so it goes...

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Chester... Meet Pork Chop

[As the camera zooms out slowly]

Chester:  "Pork Chop, I think this is the beginning of beautiful friendship."
Peanut is grabbing a few Zzzz's while Chester, our newest family member, dozes in and out at her feet.  Pappa T was resoundingly over-ruled by the tribe and hens (the lady's a Woofables).  Sigh, so now we have Chester, Pork Chop (bird) and Tootsie, as well as a smattering of fish.  Where is this chapter in the book of parenting? 

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New Year Continued

On Christmas Eve we put Max down.  He was too unpedictable and dangerous, especially with kids coming and going all day.  It was a sad day, especially for Peanut.

Since then we picked up a bird, Pork Chop, and now a cat, Charley (formerly know as Shakespeare).  We've had a small parade of relatives pass through over the holidays.  Great to see Gumpa, Delma, Brian, Joe and Gretchen.

The story from the holidays involves a toilet seat (of course).  Santa brought Peanut a Duckie laced/decorated toilet seat.  Of course, it's round and didn't fit our oval bowl.  So Uncle Brinz suggested he dismantle his round toilet in his basement (in Cedar Falls, IA), and replace it with our oval throne.  And this trade commenced over the couse of the holiday.  All's well that ends well with a flush.

So the guests have left (today), decorations returned to their home in the garage, kids back at school, and Buzz back at work.  New normal, just a year older in a new year.

So I'm resolved to work less, play more;
spend more time with my family;
Eat more and gain 7-10 lbs;
drink less and read more;
re-energize my blogging efforts;
train for and toe the start line at the Superior Trail 100 (September).

Happy New Year one and all.  And so it goes...