Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Semester wrap up

Well, I knew it would be a sprint. Between trips to DSM and all the last second grading, and the myriad of holiday celebrations,whew. Contracting the flu, was not part of the bargain. Thankfully the worst if it was just one day of complete and pathetic helplessness, but the damage was done. I'll limp across the finish line with all things tied down, by Saturday.

Between now and then, Beaner comes home from KU, after her finals (of which one she declared she was going to "wing" - by my calculation, that would be a $5k + experiment - ugh).

Big Dawg celebrates #10 tomorrow, so we'll do family things then, and then launch into holiday decorating mode on Saturday.

Woofables has turned a new corner with online shoppers. Orders are coming at a very steady pace. Somehow through all of this, Sidetrack is managing to hold it all together. Maggot and Batty are pure teenagers, and sometimes I get caught trying to figure out what planet they are coming from. Note to self: stop trying to figure this out, it's a health hazard.

And finally, an editorial note. I am hugely disappointed in Paul Tagliabum's reversal on the penalties exacted against the bounty- hunting New Orleans Saints. He shows no spine and clearly indicates his commitment to money, not sport.

That should do it for now, and so it goes...

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Final week of class

Final week of the semester. Lots of papers to grade, final exam, Big Dog birthday, and Beaner comes home from KU.

On Friday I start vacation until after the start of the new year.  When I return... I'll be on flex time, half time.  My role has been narrowed to recruiting mostly for the DSM EMBA program.

In my new found time, I plan to write, consult, and help a few start ups (including Woofables). 

As the holidays approach, take some time to enjoy the fun things.  Her we see the Iowa Brass holiday celebration on the steps of the Old Capitol.  Gotta love some good tubas! And so it goes...