Saturday, June 22, 2013

Big Dawg Goes Yard

Mr. Man was invited to the HR Derby for the end of season baseball tournament. He finished second hitting 14 of 14 with three homes.  He is the number two HR slugger,  and #1 hitter! 

Final Weekend

This will be the final weekend of baseball for Big Dawg until Fall Ball.

This will be our final weekend as residents in Iowa City. .. we're moving to neighboring Coralville. Contact me directly if you want our new address.

The fate of our two puppies is in the hands of the city administrator. We feel we were railroaded and blind-sided by the Animal Shelter folks. They are recommending that Pipsqueak be put down, and Buddha be taken away. 80% of the delemma is circumstantial.

We counter proposed that Pip go to a farm (we found two that want her), and Buddha be returned to the family.

Most of the neighbors, while upset with the dogs, were civil.  One neighbor in particular could use regular cocktails of meds with heavy dosages of Ritalin, valium, and anti-imagination drugs for good measure. 

More news as it breaks.  And so it goes. ..