Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Two Teams, One Picnic

There was enough interest in U10 (Under 10) Girls Soccer that the group was divided into two teams at the beginning of the season. When they faced off last night in league competition, the coaches agreed to a draw rather than tempt competitive spirits to overwhelm the terrific friendships that exist between these girls. Many of them will play together for years to come. Instead, the kids played aganst the parents and I think won. Even Big Dawg got to play! Afterwards we had a collective picnic. And here is a picture of our Soccer future...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Optimists Selling Lemonade

Peanut, Side Track, Chalupa and Beaner sold lemonade at the Optimist Bakesale Stand during Saturday's Farmer's Market. Shortly after this, Chalupa headed North to Apple Valley for day two of a soccer tournament. They lost. This is the longest losing streak this team has had to endure. Oh well. As the saying goes... "When life give you lemons...."

Friday, June 22, 2007

Troops Return Home

Chalupa and Peanut return home after a moderately successful soccer match. Chalupa was invited to "play up" with the U11 team (Peanut's team). They played the undefeated and ruthlessly physical Owatonna team.

Chalupa scored one of the teams two goals in the first half, but they also gave up a very savable goal as well and went into the half leading two to one. In the second half Owatonna's offence blasted past our defenders for a three on one shot on goal. Chalupa was tending the net, but the shot went just beyond her reach to tie the game. And there it remained when the final whistle blew.

It was a moral victory for Monkey Doo and a blemish for Owatonna. Make no mistake, Monkey Doo served notice and will be out to ungraciously smother this rude and ruthless opponent every chance they get from now on. Until then, the girls can smile and even stick out their tongue to celebrate a match well-played! We'll get 'em next time, but good!

Le Cooke

One worm omelet coming up!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Road Rash

And you should see the road!

It was a long steep down hill. The easement from a sidewalk onto the road was disceptive, and Peanut ended up going over the curb doing 15 - 20 MPH on her bike. She immediately lost control and in a tumble of metal, pavement and flesh... she slid to the otherside of the road into that curb.

After a trip to the ER she has many massive abrassions and some choice bruising, but no broken bones.

A few tears were shed by her and her mother. But her spirits are high and she has attained a new level of toughness and respect from her sisters. Cool huh?

Attention Getter

Here is Side Track, almost asleep.
But wait, she's alert!

And here's why. This would wake up just about anyone!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Catcher in the Nilght?

Looks like The Chalupa plays catcher too. During this evening game, she went 4 for 4 at the plate, had 2 unassisted outs, and 2 assisted outs. Quite the game.

Monday, June 11, 2007


Smores are always a popular item for summer evening fun. Here we see Chalupa, Big Dawg and Peanut in various stages of building their sugary delicacies.

A Little Off The Top Please


Friday, June 08, 2007

Post School Party

This is the third (or fourth?) annual last-day-of-school gathering of gals. The bulk of these kids are here to celebrate Chalupa's birthday. However, Peanut and Beaner also had friends spend the night. From left: The Boot, Beaner (back), McDoogle (front), Sammy, Chalupa (front), Kara (back), The General (center), Thunker, Scooter Bug, Peanut and Chester. It was a nutty, nutty, nutty night to kick off what promises to be a fun and adventurous summer.

Last Day of School!

Scooter Bug is overjoyed!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hey Baby! Want Some Candy?

Remember kids, NEVER accept rides from strangers!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Peanut (and Team) Brings Home Hardware

After a hard fought 0-1 loss in the championship match, Peanut (second from left on the bottom) and the rest of her teamates pose for a photo op. The kids are holding their second-place trophies which are difficult to see in this lighting. Congrats on a well played tournament!

Pouting in the Rain

Denied permission to visit the playground, BIG Dawg was relegated to stand in the rain and watch The Chalupa play (and win) the consolation soccer match in last weekend's tournament.

He's BaaAaack

Missing in action for a few years, Mr. DRAKE made his boyant return to swimming, biking and running with a smile on his face and dust in his wake. A natural; a talent; a comic; and a FUNSTER from start to finish. Welcome back Mr. DRAKE. We hope you find the Loo to your liking.

Friday, June 01, 2007


25 Years After
Crazy Pete I
And Crazy Pete II
Paddling away
In a wobbly Canoe
Down the Upper Iowa,
(If that makes any sense?)
They floated away
These nutty two gents.
It's been 25 years
Since this duo has paddled
They're a bit worn from age
And a lot more addled.
So to commemorate their effort
The Taylor Tabloid Salutes:
Three Cheers for these Pete's
With great holler and hoots!