Sunday, September 23, 2007

Isaac Bowie

Not sure if I should be scared or proud:

Breaking News

Eater X [link] takes Burrito eating contest! He beat one of our favorites... The Black Widow. Great stuff.

Chickening Around

While celebrating the 50th anniversary of Side Track's parents (see posting below) Chalupa (left) and Peanut (right) talked Uncle Pfft, and Cuz Matt (respectively) to play a round of Chicken. Chalupa had the shoe in her hand which gave her a distinct advantage.

All of this was a pleseant distraction from the serious nature of the family photo op (from left: Patrice, Gretchen, Gumma, Uncle Pfft, Gumpa, Delma and Sidetrack).


Side Track's parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in grand fashion surrounded by all the kids and most of the grandkids.
A week earlier, Side Track and Buzz Daddy celebrated their 19th anniversary. They have a ways to go to catch up to Harlin and Pat.

Catch Up from Lost Wages

It's been a nutty week 'round these parts of the upper midwest. In addition to a cadre of tennis, soccer and softball activities... Buzz Daddy was locked down in a leadership conference for two days and then whisked off to Lost Wages for a full day of business meetings. (Pictured here is a faux canal inside the Venetian Hotel surrounded by shops and restarunts).

If you've ever seen the Movie "Ocean's 11", then you might remember one of the final scenes of the movie when all of Ocean's accomplices stand in front of the Belogio Hotel and Casino to watch the water show. Here is a short video clip taken during while in Vegas of the finale to one of those water shows. In the background you hear Aaron Copland's "Rodeo" which is played through hidden speakers near the railing. The video does not do justice to the spectacular nature of the water show, but it does give you some idea of it's magnatude and synchronization.

In other notes: The Red Sox clinch a play-off spot, and now the race is on to win the division. Hawkeyes dropped a heartbreaker to the Badgers in Madtown. Iowa's loss was insult to injury to BD, because he placed a bet at the Sports Book in vegas that Iowa would loose by more than 8 points, as it turns out, the Badgers didn't cover the spread. Alas, Lost Wages!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

How Many Times...

... have we told you?!?!?


Thursday, September 06, 2007

19 Years Later

Ok, this was our picture of our last day on the beach. Our return (with kids) was uneventful so we're back in the saddle again. And guess what, we celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. Yep. Wanna know how? We'll we went to a popular local resturant, orders a bottle of wine and some food. Then for the next 90 minutes we spend our time and energies filling out school forms for our kids new school year. We then returned home to our kids... one of whom was a 13 year-old who decided to show us what emotional outbursts of screaming, crying, hating, loving and not understanding is all about. This is what 19 years of marriage gets us. Here's to 19 more years... I guess!