Sunday, May 31, 2009

Things You Won't See Often

First, you see Truman (the Cat) lounging around the dog kennel... LIKE A DOG!!!   The strangest cat we'll ever own.  He acts like a dog, and we think Tootsie thinks she's a dog too.  There are days I want to scream... YOU'RE A CAT!   But it will do no good. 
Ok, here we see Chalupa making the move on two unsuspecting Prairie (dogs).  That is not what we don't see to often.  If you look closely... notice the pony tails ... straight out.  That's kind of funny.  Now, look in the back ground (on the right, white shirt and hat)... what is that dude doing???  Now THAT looks weird.  

The Backyard, Hub of Activity

Sidetrack waters the garden while Marpy and Peanut are taking a go at Badminton.  The garden is off to a slow start.  The bulk of the soil is leftover, ground up sod from the construction of last year's patio.  It hasn't completely "mulched up" yet.  We're hoping one summer cycle of plants, and a bit of topsoil in prep for next year, will make this 8'/16' garden worthy of Iowa's "farming" reputation.  But right now... it's looking kind of lame.  

Couch Potatoes?

Chalupa, Big Dawg and Beaner ... hangin' out.
I'm not sure what's going on here, and I don't really want to know!  

Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer Cut

Summer's here and he don't care.  He's rather oblivious that he's got no hair!

Blow-Hard Birthday Girl

Chalupa in true candle-blowing-out form.  
She really does like this picture.  

Happy Graduation Jennifer

Here we see Big Dawg swiping at the gratuate's pinnata.  Behind Big Dawg is the mother of the graduate (who can barely be seen in the flowered dress behind her mom and pinnata).  Scottie, the nervous-looking guy on the right... is the father of the grad.  They have three down and one to go.  We haven't even started, ugh. 

State Soccer for Blizzards

Blizzards went 1- 2 at State.  Nothing stellar, but the girls had fun.  Peanut is on the far left.  She played more than we thought and had a moment or two where she played very nicely.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Des Moines

Ben, Maya, Weaky and Alex  (not pictured... Jeanie and the eenie-weenie-Martini-drama-queenie-Ella) were terrific hosts for a break between Peanut's State soccer games.  All's good at the Weaky's, and the Taylor's are hopeful to someday return the hospitality during one of their visit's east.   
If the visit was the highlight, the soccer matches were the low-lights.  The Blizzards got demolished in both games.  1- 7 in the first, and 1-4 in the second.  Below is Alex Weaky's potted plant.  The Salsa Garden label is left over from last year, but makes for a nice picture.
Today (Sunday) marks a return to Des Moines for one last game.  Peanut and I will be joined by our most recently inducted 12-year-old, Chalupa, who begins her birthday celebrations today.  Looks like about a week of activity before we can put the decorations away.  More news to come on that front.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Ok, after getting an earful for my last post... I am posting this correction for the lovely and talented, Ms. Peanut Taylor.  

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Sleeper?

This will teach Peanut not to snooze with her camera toting father.  Lovely, huh?  I wonder if she catches any flies in her mouth?   I think I read somewhere that the average human eats 10 spiders a year.  Heck, three would be enough for me.  


Saturday, May 09, 2009

Shot of the Day

Brendon makes the left footed slide kick for a goal.  By my calculation, the Sharks (Big Dawg's team) won the match 5-4.  The guy below scored a hat trick!  

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Beaner, Queen of the Court

Here is Beaner (left) on her way to another doubles victory vs. Kennedy HS JV.  
Great team work and congrats to you and C!  

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Just Playing Through

Giles Paladoras (Top), Mr. Levs (praying?) and Mr. Weaves (laughing) were passing through town on their annual business/golf excursion.   Mr. Paladoras was a former "roomate" of Buzz's and one the Taylor's groomsmen.  The other two are his sidekicks from a northern suburb of the Windy City.   I got the call late, but still managed to join the gang for a coldie before they shoveled off for their next adventure and maybe one last round of 9?

Spring Means Blooms

This is one of of two crab apple trees in our front lawn.
Not sure what kind of bush this is but we have three of these in our front lawn too.  They look good.  Glad spring has arrived... except the lawn mowing part.  

Halftime Chalk Talk

Coach Dave is giving his charge a halftime pep talk.  Unfortunately, it may have been a bit too little too late for the Sharks first official drubbing.  Big Dawg is the second Shark from the right.

Friday, May 01, 2009

One of the College Coolest Traditions

The University of North Carolina has a very cool annual tradition.  This has been going on for many, many years (I remember it when I was an undergrad).  Anyway, here is a link to a two minute video of this silliness.  Great stuff!