Monday, January 29, 2007

Axyl Rose?

Ok, so maybe the A-man grew a beard and is beginning to hang with a hot momma (his right) as well as groupies (his left). But make no mistake, he can still cut a riff and drive screaming cords, and look!, he doesn't have to shave his legs to be seen in public. Rock on dudes and don't let the gnats bite your Hyde hinies!

(From our far-flung correspondents remotely located in NC)

Ah Sweet Music

Gumpa and Peanut practicing the sweet music of stings and romance.

Hm? What Does He Think About That?

Dad, I'm just looking out the window and thinking about...

Friday, January 26, 2007

Simple Advise for a Tired Problem

As I got thinking about Iraq and the Washington standoff that is simmering to an uncomfortable boil. Send more troops, more money, or do we simply back away? I can only think of the rueful rhetorical question posed to gamblers all over the world, "why would you throw good money after bad?"

As a "commoner" in King George's realm, I don't understand how more troops will solve Iraq's problems. I know Mr. Bush continues to justify this decision in simple Texas logic and in simple Texas language, but even having lived in Texas a couple of years, I still can't comprehend his explanation. There must be some cultural barriers that can't be broken through. HA! This in and of itself should tell us something, but I digress.

What I do see in Iraq is a civil war between religious and cultural factions that has been going on for hundreds if not thousands of years. And when I think of Civil Wars I can't help but reflect on our own civil war about 150 years ago (these reflections in the shadow of the Martin Luther King memorial holiday). America still fights legacies from our own war (see the recent arrest of a KKK member who is accused of beating and killing two young black in the 1960's -- 100 years after our supposed civil war ended). I ask how can we expect to help a resolve and ameliorate another country's deeper and more complex civil conflicts if we still have more basic legacies of our own to contend with?

Nope, as the body count for American heroes rise, and the blood continues to flow for the countrymen and women of the Iraq nation, sending more troops keeps our Nation's infectious contibution to the embattled streets if that country from healing. The mortal cost not withstanding, I hearken back to the gamblers dilemma, and if you ask me, sending more troops and spending an additional $100 billion dollars (or more) is continuing to throw good money after bad and expecting a different result.

We would do well by turning our attentions to the many social and economic problems we have at "home". This is the kind of bold and difficult decision I'd like to see our leadership embrace. As much as the generation before me struggled with President Ford's decision to pardon Richard Nixon, history tells us that decision turned our attentions onto healing our national problem, not perpetuating it. I'm afraid if we continue to follow our existing course of action, politics will be return to more partisan ways and divisive behaviors just in time for the '08 elections. The results will find the voting American citizen more disenchantend and distrustfull of that which we propose to support in Iraq. If we can't believe it at home, how can we support it overseas?

Stop the madness! I'd like to see theEXTRACTION of 20,000 troops as part of a surged withdraw. Let's stop throwing good money after bad, and start our 12-step recovery from gambling our tax dollars and the lives of our valiant solders. We'd be wise to do so, and in the long run, become a smart example for other democratically inclined countries to follow.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

By the Dawn's Early Light

Winning Smiles

These 4th grade Mankato West girls were split into two teams (Chalupa - 3rd from right), and played in two separate tournament brackets last weekend. The results validated the old saying, "divide and conquer" Both teams swept their brackets undefeated, combined to win six games and the entire tournament.

Imagine how they'd play if they shared their benches? Imagine how they'll play 5 years from now? Wow!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Buzz Daddy's B-Day

I don't need no stinkin' presents when I'm surrounded by the best gifts of them all!

Halloween in January?


BD, BD and Chalupa do BB

Big Dawg, Buzz Daddy and Basketball (above)
Big Dawg, Chalupa and Basketball (below)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Two Pigs on a Blanket

From our far-flung correspondents in N.C. I must be these monkeys' uncle.