Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pivot Time

As many of you know, we own a Woofables retail location on the Peninsula in Iowa City.  It's a fantastic commercial property on a small block with three other businesses:  Dingo Cafe, Apres Bistro, and an exercise studio. 

While our Paw traffic is "ok", we would like to offer something a bit more practical for our 2-legged neighbors. So, we're changing the business from Woofables, to Peninsables (here is the first sketch of the logo). Only ONE "N", the lettering will be thicker, the river will be a bit wider and darker blue.  With those changes, we'll see if it'll be Officially adopted.

Next up... a simple web page with description and hours. 

Peninsables will be a mini-grocery store to serve the Peninsula neighborhood.  The nearest convenient store is more than 2 miles away!  So Peninsables will stock some of the basic supplies so residents don't have to trudge over hill and dale to get something simple such as toothpaste, dish soap, toilet paper, razors, eggs, milk, butter, flour, sugar, cooking oil. etc....

We hope to have this done by July 1, and then our pivot will be complete.  And so it goes...

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